Beeswax Heritage Drip Candles

Experience the joy of 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Honey Candles are unlike other candles. They create beautiful ambiance with their warm glow, soft honey scent that does not release toxins.

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Heritage Drip Pillars

Each Dripped Pillar is unique with no two the same. Handmade with 100% pure Canadian beeswax, Honey Candles® Heritage Drip Natural Pillar produces a soothing warm glow and a delightful natural scent that burns for hours and hours. Makes for a great gift or stylish home decor item.

Like all Honey Candles® products, the Heritage Drip Pillar is eco-friendly and good for your health, with absolutely no carcinogens or hazardous ingredients, wicks made with cotton, and all natural ingredients. Better yet, beeswax have a natural glow that very closely resembles sunlight. Enjoy!


Always burn beeswax pillars a minimum of 3 hours to prevent  tunneling.

Size & Burn Time

Candle size: 3" h x 3 1/4" d - Burn Time:  45-55 Hours

Candle size: 5" h x 3 1/4" d - Burn Time:  60-70 Hours

Candle size: 7" h x 3 1/4" d - Burn Time: 90-100 hours

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