Double Rainbow Nursing Necklace

This totally natural necklace is a must-have for all mamas! Such a great little accessory that can help while feeding your little one. These colourful and multi-textured nursing necklaces can help keep your baby focused on the task of eating at hand. 

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♥ 100% natural, vegan, human- and eco-friendly
♥ help keep baby's attention while breastfeeding / feeding
♥ perfect accessory for babywearing mamas
♥ stimulate baby's senses
♥ completely safe to chew on
♥ different textures help develop baby's fine motor skills
♥ makes a perfect baby shower gift
♥ beautiful colours! 

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  • Aqua Rainbow, w/ Juniper
  • Earthy Rainbow
  • Rainbow
  • Berry

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This wooden nursing necklace is dubbed "The Best Babywearing Necklace".  It is also safe for babies to grab, chew and play with. Recommended for all nursing mamas out there, because there is no baby who does not LOVE grabbing mama's jewellery. Now, it's allowed! How fun!

What makes KangarooCare unique? All wooden beads are made out of Estonian (European) sustainably-sourced wood. Each wooden bead has a (slightly) unique shape because these beads have been cut and shaped by hand. These are not perfectly round factory-made beads. Wooden beads store the warmth of the hands and heart, they smell like a real forest, they are smooth to the touch and have a great energy.

The wooden beads can be used as diffuser beads. Simply apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the beads to get all the benefits.

KangarooCare's breastfeeding / feeding & babywearing necklaces:

♥ are 100% natural, vegan, human- and eco-friendly
♥ help catch baby's attention while breastfeeding / bottle-feeding
♥ are the perfect accessory for babywearing mamas
♥ stimulate baby's senses
♥ completely safe to chew on
♥ different textures help develop baby's fine motor skills
♥ make a perfect baby shower gift
♥ are colourful and fun to wear!

All necklaces are adjustable in length to suit all preferences.

Please note that the Silver/Gold version is made from synthetic yarn. 

Care Instructions Wash by hand in a soapy water. Air dry. The wooden beads may become "dry" after getting wet. You can rub the beads slightly with a vegetable oil or beeswax to bring back the shine and glossy feel.
Country of Origin Estonia
Made From Wood, Cotton
Safety These necklace are meant for adult wear only. Never leave your baby unattended with it. Adult supervision is required at all times. Stop using it when the beads or the string are broken or damaged.


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