Prima Marta Hemp Silk Blend

Prima Marta has quickly gained legendary status! The special red is chameleon-like and seems to take on a different hue under different lighting. The special wrapping qualities offered by the blend and weave make this a well-loved DIDYMOS woven wrap.

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Fabric Composition 68% Organic Cotton, 25% Hemp, 7% Tussah Silk
Fabric Weight 240 g/m²
Colours Marsala Red, Natural
Machine Washable? Delicate Cycle


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  • Size 4 (370 cm)
  • Size 6 (470 cm)
  • Size 7 (520 cm)

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A lovely story behind the inspiration for the well-loved Prima Marta...

Hallo Didy Lovers I finally find the time to sit down on my computer and write down a few notes on this wrap that it’s been the latest Prima pattern new colors that it’s been woven last year. It comes from a custom project I am working on with the collaboration of an italian online shop Allegri Briganti run by an amazing and loving woman, Virginia Sciré, and Didymos. The project started one and a half year ago with the wrap Prima Corallina, then we had Lisca Coralia and Marta is the 3rd custom of the project. The whole project is inspired by the personal story of my second pregnancy: Marta is dedicated to the Placenta, the Root Chakra, the part of our body and of baby’s body that creates the first so precious bonding and life lasting inner memories of the life in the uterus water. The color is Marsala, I chose this color that reminds me of the Placenta, it’s a color that has to do with roots, with the ground, with the humus, with the soil and with the inner part of us that keeps us rooted during pregnancy and labour. It’s a color that speaks of safety and bonding. In the early stage of my second pregnancy I had a placenta bleeding and felt the immediate need to start meditation and a chakra chanting, a LAM chanting, that stayed with me and my baby during the whole pregnancy, during labour, and still now when he’s sick and tired that sound can calm him immediately.
I chose a triblend, first Didy triblend in this composition, cotton, hemp and wild silk. The hemp brings solidity and softness to the wrap, the wild silk brings brightness and elegance and grip: so like the Placenta this wrap is safe, solid and grippy, but still cuddly and comfortable. As you all know Didymos quality is excellent so this wrap has a beautiful diagonal stretch and a truly amazing grip, on a weight that is a medium weight, 240 g/m2, which makes this wrap perfect for newborns and toddlers. Marta wraps amazingly good, great support and is technically perfect. It makes small knots and does not loosen, the hems are perfect and the fabric is sturdy to the touch and yet soft. 
It comes very stiff from the box and it takes a little wrapping to break in, I would say in 1/2 weeks of use it gets softer and softer.
Sooooo… here’s Marta, some international retailers will soon have it… so…. I hope you’ll enjoy it <3 Glores

DIDYMOS woven wraps include illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions for various ways of tying and carrying.

 No weight or age restriction.
 Most versatile carrier as there are unlimited carries that can be used!
 Wear on the front, hip and back using one shoulder, two shoulders or torso and back only!
 Facilitates skin to skin newborn wearing, also known as kangaroo care.
 Custom fit to every person regardless of shape or size.
 Fully adjustable and therefore a great option for sharing the carrier with others.
 Ergonomic and facilitates the anatomically correct spread-squat-positon (fetal tuck for newborns).
 Great for people with back and shoulder problems since woven wraps distribute weight over both shoulders.
 Great for both casual and extended daily wearing.
 Beautiful designs, colours and organic fibres.
 Tested to the EU and North American ASTM standards.

Are you ready to get started with a woven wrap?

Check out our other amazing articles that are sure to help you make this is as easy as 1-2-3!

Getting Started with a Didymos Woven Wrap








DIDYMOS Woven Wraps are...

Didymos Dyeing and Weaving

 Purposefully woven on special looms for the sole purpose of babywearing.

 Are made from organic cotton (and other plant materials such as linen and hemp) and/or ethically-sourced animal fibres.

 Woven with a diagonal stretch that creates an elasticity in the fabric allowing for the fabric to easily mould to the wearer and baby providing optimal comfort and support.

 Thought to be the most versatile babywearing option in terms of baby carriers since one size will fit all stages of baby development, and many tying variations are available.

 DIDYMOS woven wraps offer a custom fit for every person regardless of their shape and size. They can be used right from the newborn baby stage all the way up to preschool age. In fact, they are tested to 310 Kg so your baby cannot outgrow your wrap!

 There are a vast number of carries one can tie with a woven wrap, including front carries, hip carries AND back carries, with one-shoulder and two-shoulder options – something for everyone! Most two-shoulder carries allow the weight of the child to be distributed evenly from shoulders to hips and one is able to wear even heavy children for long periods of time COMFORTABLY!

Fabric Composition 68% Organic Cotton, 25% Hemp, 7% Tussah Silk
Fabric Weight 240 g/m²
Colours Red, Natural
Machine Washable? Delicate Cycle
Fabric Blend Hemp/Silk Blend
Fabric Weight Class 220-260 g/m² (Medium)
Weave DIDYMOS Patterns
Care Instructions Up to 30°C, Delicate Cycle, Slow Spin Speed. Wash in Abundant Water.
Country of Origin Germany
Dimensions Standard width 68 cm; Length varies with wrap size
Year of Release 2017
Month of Release March
Didymos Patterns Prima


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