Dragonfly Dreaming

We are always so pleased to do collaborations with one of our very first suppliers, Dragonfly Dreaming. We have sworn by their specialty creams for almost two decades. 

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Specialty Creams by Dragonfly Dreaming!

  • All-Natural Specialty...

    We cannot rave enough about our selection of specialty creams for delicate baby skin! These mighty creams are so special that they work well for every day yet have some magic that makes them very effective at treating rashes, burns, and even stubborn cases of eczema. A little goes a loooooonnnnngggg way with these little pots. 

Mothering Necklaces, (and not necessarily just for Mamas!)

  • Mama Necklaces

    For feeding, babywearing, everyday. Beautifully crafted. Quality made. Textural intrigue for little hands. 

Natural Deodorants for the Entire Family!

  • Natural Deodorant

    Success!! We have found them!! Natural deodorants that actually work! Yes, now you can let your body sweat but without making a stink about it! These natural deodorants contain only clean, wholesome ingredients. No nasty aluminum zirconiun. No aluminum chlorohydrate. No parabens. No triclosan. No propylene glycol. Ever!


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