Choosing a DIDYMOS Baby Wrap

What wrap should I purchase?

It really is a personal choice!  We have so many options ranging from colours, patterns and different weaves.  We have something for everyone’s tastes!  We recommend selecting a wrap that visually appeals to you the best!  If you love something, you will want to wear it more!

What fibre is best?

Again, this is a personal choice!  All of our fibres including the 100% organic cotton is suitable from newborn to preschool age.  It is a myth that you need a fibre blend such as a linen or hemp to carry heavier babies.  Whilst inherently, linen and hemp are strong fibres, it is their wrapping qualities that are more of a personal preference as opposed to the issue of support.  The key for support and comfort  lies more in executing carries with tightening and getting all the slack out prior to tying off.  That being said, we all have our personal preferences!

The yarns used for the Didymos regular product range are manufactured exclusively for DIDYMOS. In addition, they source suitable yarns which in limited quantities that meet their high quality standards. Once the wraps and slings made out of the limited yarns are sold out, most of the limited editions will not be released again.  These yarns include fibres such as linen, hemp, silk, wool, cashmere and other luxury fibres.

Didymos baby carriers have always been woven with yarns free of chemicals and heavy metals; safe enough for a baby to chew on. In order to maintain a rigorous and continuous quality control, no part of the production is outsourced to low-wage countries. The fibers used by Didymos are all organically sourced from countries Didymos feels can be trusted to provide ethical working conditions for their labourers.

What size of wrap should I purchase? 

Generally, we like to recommend that new wrappers purchase a standard long wrap size for their first wrap, but this is not a hard and fast rule!  A standard long wrap size makes things a little more simplified for you as a new wrapper, but we can work with you for any size you wish to purchase.  Wraps come in size 1-9.  The most common long wrap sizes are size 5, 6 and 7.  (1 & 9 being special order)

Why should I start with a standard long wrap size?

A standard long wrap size is the size of wrap that can be used for most long wrap carries.  We like to use what we believe to be the most widely used beginner carry, the Front Wrap Cross Carry as the baseline carry for determining your best sizes  The size of wrap that you can comfortably and safely execute a FWCC and tie off in the back with a double knot without any hindrance of excess fabric or a shortage of fabric, will be your base size.  The FWCC is a popular choice for learning how to wrap with as it has one of the easiest learning curves and teaches all the essential skills you will need to progress to more advanced carries.   However, the FWCC is not a hard and fast rule.  There are several other beginner carries and even variations of the FWCC that can be done in other sizes.  There may be a longer learning curve with the variations or wraps longer or shorter than your ideal long wrap size, but we are to help you with any questions in guiding you in your wrapping journey!

Standard long wrap sizes generally run from size 5 to size 7, with size 6 being the most popular and versatile for the general babywearing population.  However, there are some wearers who will require a size smaller or a size larger.

Determining which size is your standard long wrap size

Determining your standard long wrap size is sometimes a tricky question for wrappers purchasing on-line.  If you do not have the opportunity to try on different sizes of wraps to determine your ideal size, we recommend using your shirt size as the best gauge of determining your correct base size.

See our sizing guide below!


A little more about standard long wrap sizes: 

Many women who have large bust sizes or who are wrapping a large toddler or preschooler, may need to go up one size but this is not always necessary and more of a personal choice in many cases.  As you become more comfortable and experienced with wrapping and the feel of the fabric, you may find that you are able to execute carries without as much length as you once needed.  Practicing strand by strand tightening and ensuring any excess slack is adjusted out of the carry before tying off is key to optimal comfort and wearing your base size successfully!

What are the Standard Long Wrap Carries?

If you are new to wrapping, we recommend that you begin with the Front Wrap Cross Carry.  Once you feel comfortable with this carry you can keep doing this carry or try other standard long wrap carries with your wrap!  Please read the safety guidelines article on our website to determine when you and your baby are ready to try additional carries!  In addition, the proper positioning article is a great article to guide you on obtaining the most comfortable and ergonomic carry for both you and baby!

Standard long wrap carries

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