Choosing the Right Carrier - Which Style is Right for You?

Welcome to Birdie's Room! We are passionate about babywearing. We deeply feel that there is a 4th trimester in baby's development, when babies enter the world and there is no better place for them than being held against mom or dad, or care-giver. This is a crucial time of development for new babies as they learn about their new environment. While held, babies gain a deep sense of security. When we hold our babies, we learn their subtle cues and, ultimately, about their needs. With babywearing, one can keep their baby close and secure all while having two hands free to get about daily tasks. A well-fitting baby carrier really is the perfect baby accessory and an important parenting tool. We have been helping parents find their ultimate baby carriers for over 15 years. With all of the information available, the decision can be a bit overwhelming so we hope to our goal is to make it easy!

5 Different Carrier Styles

Stretch Jersey "Stretchy" Woven Wrap Ring Sling Mei Tai/Meh Dai (DidyTai) DidyKlick Half-Buckle Onbuhimo
DIDYMOS Stretchy Jersey DIDYMOS Woven Wrap Didymos DidySling Ring Sling Didymos Mei Tai / Meh Dai (DidyTai) DIDYMOS DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS

This chart can be helpful!

Carrier Comparison Chart

About our Baby Carriers

Our brand of choice is DIDYMOS. Important criteria on our quest for the ultimate carriers were: 

    • Comfort, supporting good posture for wearer and ergonomic positioning or baby. 
    • High Quality, with a reassuring warranty.
    • Aesthetically pleasing. We wanted beautiful colours and patterns.
    • Ethically manufactured using non-toxic, organic materials. After all, your baby carrier will be enveloping us and our precious babies.
    • ONE SIZE FITS MOST! We love the idea of one-size-fits-all-stages but the challenge was finding something that fits a newborn just as well as it would fit a toddler. With our carriers, there is a custom fit each time! No need to buy another carrier as your baby grows. No need for a different carrier for a second wearer. 
    • Simple! We like keeping it simple. No straps. No padding. No velcro. NO FUSS!

We have carriers that will last the duration of your babywearing journey, that will take you from newborn to pre-school age, from your birthing room, to the tops of mountains. For that, WE LOVE WOVEN WRAPS. With a woven wrap, one can very quickly learn to tie a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) which is, in our opinion, the most amazing carrying option available to new parents/wearers. The FWCC is a two-shouldered carry that helps you hold your baby right from the newborn stage HANDS-FREE in the most comfortable, supportive way. A woven wrap is fully adjustable and conforms perfectly to the shape of the baby and wearer. We do also offer other styles of carriers if a woven wrap just is not for you. Let us show you how a DIDYMOS carrier can benefit and enhance your parenting journey. 

Need help choosing a syle of baby carrier?

We have compiled some information that can assist you in determining which carrier is best suited for you.

How to Choose a Carrier

Carrier Comparison Chart

Information About Woven Wrap Sizing

When purchasing a woven wrap, we generally recommend that new wrappers go with a size that will allow them to execute the popular Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). The FWCC is a popular choice for learning how to wrap as it has one of the easiest learning curves and teaches all the essential skills needed to carry a baby or older child.

Get a quick glimpse of the FWCC here.

Sizes 4-8 are the most common sizes for a long wrap. We recommend using SHIRT SIZE as the best gauge for determining the correct size. Please refer to the sizing graphic for more guidance. 

Didymos Long Wrap Sizing

N.B. Suggested wrap size can be affected by your baby's size, your postpartum body changing, bust size, torso length, and your preference for tail length. If unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us!


DidySling Sizing by DIDYMOS

The DidySling is offered in two sizes. Model shown here is 5'7" / 170 cm, medium frame.

Length along short side

170-180 cm
67-71 inches

200-210 cm
79-83 inches

Length of long side*

190-200 cm
75-79 inches

220-230 cm
87-97 inches

Size of Wearer Up to Size 16 US/CAN Size 16+, or for those that prefer longer tails.
*The tail end is cut on a diagonal, hence the two length measurements. 
 If you are not sure which size, measure from one shoulder down, across body to your waist and back to the shoulder, just the way the sling would fit. If this measures 140 cm / 55" or less, a size 1 should fit!
The tail of the sling should never be shorter than 6" and never longer than your knees as it could then become a tripping hazard.

FAQ - Why Does Didymos Offer So Many Sizes?

More sizes mean more options. Initially, different sizes were offered to suit the different sizes of the wearer as there were only a few tying options. However, as wrapping has become more and more popular, there are an increasing number of carrying positions and tying variations. Wraps are now divided into three categories:

  • Short Wrap (usually a size 2)
  • Mid-Length (ususally a size 3-4)
  • Long Wrap (usually a size 5-7)

Each length category has its unique benefits and have their own set of carrying variations. These alternative carrying methods are well-suited for those that have become very familiar with the standard long wrap carries.


Need Help Learning How to Babywear?

It can be as easy as 1-2-3.

1 - Put Carrier On

2 - Put Baby In

3 - Adjust and Tie


These extra pages may be able to answer any further questions that arise. Of course, our team of experts is always available to answer any question or offer babywearing tips for succes. 

Getting started with a Woven Wrap

Getting started with A Ring Sling

Getting Started with a Mei Tai / Meh Dai

Newborn Babywearing

Need Some More Help? 

Our team of experts includes a Canadian Babywearing School Educator, as well as experienced members of the babywearing community. We are here to answer any and all questions. 

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