Babywearing for All Seasons

Summer is upon us and we often get asked which carrier is best for the warmer weather. Take a peek at our Summer Wearing Carrier Suggestions for some suggestions on great carrier options that will help you beat the heat. 

Considerations for Summer

Considerations for Winter

During extreme heat, it is important to keep you and your baby cool and hydrated. 

- Find shade if needed.

- Light clothing will help keep you and baby cool.

- Choose a lightweight fabric and an airy weave for your carrier. Spread the crosses of the fabric to allow for optimal airflow.

- One-layer carriers will help keep your baby cool. The Kangaroo, Rucksack, and  most hip carries will allow for cooler wearing. 

When babywearing in the winter, keeping baby tucked in close to you will help you better gauge their body temperature, to know if they are feeling cold. They will also benefit from your body heat. 

- Keeping minimal layers between you and your baby will help to keep baby warm, which is especially important for young babies. 

- It is very important to monitor extremities and keep hands and feet warm. You may not be feeling the cold, but your little one's feet may be more sensitive to the cold.

- Remember that gloves and booties can fall off, so be sure to check regularly. 

A hat offers good protection for the sun. For very young babies, however, please be sure to keep your baby's face visible to keep an eye on proper positioning.  Keeping baby tucked in close to you, underneath your outerwear, you will be able to monitor their body temperature and gauge if they are feeling cold.
Summer Babywearing Hat Winiter Babywearing
Be sure to stay hydrated, and to keep your little one hydrated. If baby is to be worn on the outside of your jacket, just remember that they will not benefit from your body heat. Dress them accordingly and monitor extremities. 
Summer Babywearing Stay Hydrated Winter Babywearing
Dress baby in cool clothes but keep them shielded from the sun. The tail of your woven wrap, ring sling works perfectly! Be mindful of boots, gloves and hats as they can fall off. Check regularly! Toes and fingers may get cold. 
Summer Babywearing use Tails to Protect from Sun Winter Babywearing
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