Benefits of Babywearing

There are so many benefits to wearing your baby right from newborn to preschool age. From the physiological to psychological, wearing can be so much more than just a convenient parenting tool.  Of course the convenience of being hands free, caring for other children, being able to do daily tasks and routines etc. while having baby close and their needs met is paramount, there are other life changing reasons to wear!. Incredible right!?  Well wait until we tell you some more!

Wearing your child can be an incredible benefit for both the wearer and the child.  From reducing the  risk of post partum depression for the mother to increasing the bonding experience for other caregivers to encouraging brain development and decreasing crying for the baby.  There are many more reasons to wear your child!

We believe that the womb lasts eighteen months: Nine months inside mother, and nine months outside. In our opinion, here are the top benefit of babywearing:

A Carried Baby Cries Less

There have been several studies done, many particularly focused on the emotional well-being of babies that are worn. Studies have shown that babies that are carried, cry and fuss much less. And why is that you ask? Quite simply put, being close encourages calmness. Babies find great comfort in the rocking, skin-to-skin contact, gentle touches and other forms of communication like eye contact and talking. Also, having the wearer in close sight of their child, means quicker response to distress meaning less fuss and discomfort for the little one. A lot of the time, baby is fussy because Mom or Dad is not in sight, so babywearing allows baby to stay close therefore they are not affected by the anxiety of separation. 

We believe that carrying your baby does not spoil him/her,  it enhances trust and encourages healthy bonding between parent and child. No parent ever looked back and said, "I carried my baby too much". There is no such thing. Carry your baby as much as possible and know you are helping to nourish them entirely,  mind, body & soul. 

Babywearing Encourages Healthy Development

Being in a sling mimics the womb by providing baby with rhythmic movement of Mom's breathing. A wrap (sling) helps baby transition from the womb to the 'real world' and because of this it is sometimes referred to as "the transitional womb". In this sling, or, transitional womb, baby experiences the same rhythmic sounds and feelings which helps baby to regulate his own physical responses and helps to exercises the vestibular system, which controls balance. The development 

Babies that are worn, cry less which means more time for exploring and taking in the world around them! Being held up at an adult level allows baby to see what Mom is doing, see what she is seeing, noticing Mom's reactions , eye movement, changes in her voice etc which all helps in baby's development. The more baby is being exposed to on a tactile level, the deeper he/she will develop. There is much to be said about plunking a baby down in a play-chair vs taking him along for the ride. In the play chair, baby is still stimulated, he hears the music coming from somewhere, hears voices in the distance, hears sounds,  he knows there is more beyond his environment, but cannot grasp or make any connections, therefore he is just not interested. Baby will only develop as much as his surroundings allow him to. Take baby along to put the laundry in and he can connect the faraway sound he heard to his Dad working in the office, he can experience the sound of the creaking steps below him and Mom, the smell of the musty basement, breeze blowing through the window, the scent of the detergent, the feeling of Mom's movements, the sound of the machines growling, oh and there is puppy in his crate waiting to be let out! The level of stimulus a baby experiences while along for the ride, vs stationary is impactful, immeasurable and oh-so valuable to his development. 

Babywearing Allows You to Get it Done, Hands Free!

One of the greatest joys of babywearing is having your two hands free to get stuff done! It is truly a win-win situation for baby and caregiver. Baby is along for the ride, taking in the sights and sounds, he gets to be close to the caregiver and is intimately involved in her world.   All of this stimulates nerves to branch out and connect with other nerves, which helps the brain grow and develop. While along for the ride, he is learning and developing! (Win!) Also, the caregiver is also content being able to have baby under her close watch, all the while caring for other children, running errands and getting the chores done around the house. (Win!) This is all being done without any cumbersome equipment like a car seat or stroller. Babywearing is so simple, so amazing and you can....

Go where no stroller has gone before!

Babywearing can Help Premature Babies

What is Kangaroo Care? Kangaroo Care is the practice of holding your baby skin-to-skin to help encourage cardiorespiratory and temperature stability in premature or preterm babies.  This can be done by placing baby in direct skin-to-skin contact with a parent. Baby is in an upright position, dressed in a nappy or covering cloth (or nothing at all) and is lying against mom or dad’s bare chest.  Right away, body temperature beings to regulate and is all dependent on the mother’s ability to modulate the warmth of her breasts to keep their infants at a healthy temperature to help facilitate growth etc. (so awesome!)  The fact that mum is helping baby to keep warm means that baby requires fewer calories to stay warm. As baby starts to cool down, the breasts will heat up again (as much as 2 degrees in two minutes!).

Many studies suggest that this this skin-to-skin contact can also be extremely beneficial for not only preterm/premature babies, but for all babies, including full-term. Aside from stabilizing baby’s heat rate and breathing pattern, skin-to-skin contact has been proven to help assist in weight gain, more successful breastfeeding episodes, earlier hospital discharge, growth rates increase (due to the baby’s ability to sleep),   more rapid brain development, no cold stress, decreased crying, longer periods of alertness and much more. Also, Keeping baby close will allow baby to smell, feel and hear Mom which is soothing and healthy for all babies, no matter how old.

Babywearing can help facilitate this skin-to-skin therapy by using a woven wrap. We recommend the DIDYMOS Jersey wraps as a good choice for carrying preemies/smaller babies due to the low fabric weight, softness and perfect stretch. You can browse our selection of DIDYMOS Jersey Wraps here.

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