Benefits of Babywearing

There are so many benefits to wearing your baby right from newborn to preschool age. From the physiological to psychological, wearing can be so much more than just a convenient parenting tool.  Of course the convenience of being hands free, caring for other children, being able to do daily tasks and routines etc. while having baby close and their needs met is paramount, there are other life changing reasons to wear!.  Incredible right!?  Well wait until we tell you some more!

Benefits for Baby

-Babywearing encourages healthy mental and emotional development

-Babies who are held close, cry less

-Being close to the parent allows for bonding and attachment

-Advances baby's learning abilities

Benefits for Parent

-Walking while wearing baby is a great post partum exercise 

-Babywearing allows parent to be hands free to keep up with every day chores & activities. 

-increased attachment facilitated by babywearing has a positive effect on the parent's emotional state

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