At Birdie's Room, our goal is to offer a pleasant shopping experience for quality products. We are excited about our products and love to share our findings. With the research we do into finding quality, ethically-manufactured and safe products, we want to share, share, share what we learn and we feel we achieve this through our product range.

With so may items for babies, parents and the household available, we have kept things simple at Birdie's Room. We like the minimalist approach and really feel that items can be bought once, to last as long as needed.

For all of our products, we offer full disclosure of the WHAT, WHERE and HOW. All of our products adhere to high ethical standards, from the growing and impact on the environment, to the manufacturing processes, to the final safety of each and every product.


All of our products are made from the safest materials possible, and all cotton used is organically-grown. 


Conventional Cotton Farming Organic Cotton Farming
- Land is not detoxified - Land is invariably detoxified
- Artificial/chemical fertilizers are used - Organic fertilizers/compost/manure is used
- Artificial/chemical pesticides & insecticides are used - Organic/herbal pesticides and insecticides are used. Bio-controlling of insects/pests is also done.
- Seeds are treated with fungicides & insecticides - Seeds are not treated
- Mono crop culture is practiced - Crop rotation is practiced
- Genetically Modified Organisms are used - Genetically Modified Organisms are not used
- Soil lacks organic matter & cannot retain water & a lot of irrigational water goes wasted/drained out - Soil has more water retention capacity due to presence of organic matter & water is least wasted
- Weeds are destroyed using herbicides/weedicides - Weeds are manually or mechanically removed
- Has fatal affects on many friendly small animals & insects like owls, snakes, earthworms, frogs etc. - Does not affect their habitat. Rather, it encourages their dwelling.
- Adversely affects ecological balance, both due to deforestation & extensive use of toxic chemicals - Affects adversely (as trees or forests are cleared for making space for farming), but not that much.
- Chemical defoliation - Defoliation is seasonal/natural or by water control

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