Our Story 

Birdie’s Room is a home-based business that started 17 years ago. We are so thrilled to continue to offer natural products for babies, with a strong emphasis latterly on babywearing products. We continue to seek out quality products for babies and their families that are ethically-made, using high quality materials, and are thrilled at the items we have managed to find. We look for products that are made as close to local as possible, and always learn about the sources of our products. Most of our products are made in North America and Germany.

When we first started out, we were on the hunt for non-plastic baby toys for our first born. We wanted natural skincare products for our new baby. We knew we wanted to use cloth diapers. This was in the early days of the internet and in our hunt for products, even back then, we were so impressed with the products we were able to uncover. We have very high standards so have sifted through many products to come up with a collection that we can stand behind.  Most, if not all, of the products we offer have been tried by us so we can offer deeper insight and feedback on what we carry.

As the years went on, we became more tightly associated with a specific line of baby carriers. DIDYMOS is a family-run German wrap manufacturer which pioneered modern babywearing. Their manufacturing ethics and processes perfectly coincided with our beliefs and we are honoured to represent them. We have seen many leaps forward in the babywearing world since we started up in terms of education, varieties of carriers and safety, and it is always thrilling to meet those passionate people that have contributed to bringing babywearing into the mainstream world. There are so many benefits to babywearing and we feel really good about being able to offer a baby product designed to bring babies and parents closer rather than keeping them separated.

Over the years, we have met some amazing people and have developed an impressive Birdie’s Room team. We are able to offer expert advice about babywearing and cloth diapering, and we strive for an optimal customer experience. We ship worldwide and aim to be very prompt with preparing orders, all while keeping a personal touch. We try to keep things simple and easy, and fully back all of our orders with a 100% Birdie’s Room complete-satisfaction guarantee.

Our awesome team consists of:

Barbara Abel - proud owner, and honoured to be working with an amazing team!

Rachel Somermaa - office manager, and the solder that holds the ship together and moving forward.

Kaylee Campbell - office assistant, and ray of sunshine at the office which helps keep us grounded and in touch.

Cindy Szymandera - babywearing expert and resource manager, trade show organiser, who helps us stay connected to our customers.

Birdie's Room
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