Birdie’s Room came to life in 1999. The goal then was to share natural baby products with other parents. We started with wooden rattles, cloth diapers, organic skincare for babies, and other baby essentials that met our developing standards of being healthy for both baby and the environment. We learned a lot about organic cotton and the dangers of plastics and so sought out products that we knew were chemical-free and non-toxic. This was all spear-headed by the birth of our first baby. We wanted only the safest things for her.

In my research for products, I distinctly remember seeing a DIDYMOS Katja on the back of a catalogue that I had ordered from a company out of California selling organic baby clothing from Europe. I never did order the wrap (ordering from the US back then was very expensive given the exchange rate and customs), but in my efforts to add a carrier to my small product range, I experimented with many different styles of baby carriers. I ended up settling on a pouch sling which was made from organic cotton, but could not fully get behind the product because it was not adjustable so I never felt like it fit properly. It was in 2003, after the birth of our twins, that I made the decision to try the DIDYMOS that I never did forget from 3 years ago. It was instant love, from the colours, to the comfort, to the organic cotton, to the amazing story behind the company. This was a product that I could stand behind.

As a mom of 3 young children, Birdie’s Room was just a little hobby, home-based business for me. I enjoyed interacting with customers. I enjoyed researching and testing new products (I had the perfect testing crew in my children!). Once the children were a little bit older, I was able to invest a bit more time into my business and it was in 2006 that Birdie’s Room placed its first order with Didymos in Germany. I remember struggling in deciding which patterns to bring in. Woven wraps and babywearing in general were still in their infancy in North America but it was exciting to see the interest grow. We are pleased to now offer a full range of woven wraps, ring slings, Mei Tais and babywearing accessories, as well as the other products we started with. 

We look forward to many more years of sharing the babywearing love through Didymos baby carriers, and for sharing our exciting product line which still meets our high standards of all-natural, non-toxic, ethically-manufactured, locally-made when possible, supporting family-run companies. We like to know the HOW, the WHERE and the WHAT of all of our products and enjoy sharing our findings with our customers.

What started from very humble beginnings has turned into an exciting adventure. We take great joy in sending out our carefully chosen products, and enjoy helping new parents find the perfect items for them. Keeping babywearing and baby basics simple! 

Barbara Abel

Owner, Store Manager, Product Expert

Cindy Szymandera

Babywearer and babywearing consultant extraordinaire, resource manager, trade show/babywearing playdate organiser.

Any questions? Ask us! We are happy to assist. 
With love,
The Birdie's Room Team
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