About the Didymos Meh-Dai / Mei Tai (DidyTai)

The Didymos Meh-Dai / Mei Tai (DidyTai) carrier is an easy-to-use baby carrier made from a rectangular piece of woven wrap fabric with four straps sewn to its corners. It has no buckles, snaps or Velcro fasteners, so nothing to wear out, and nothing to scratch or wake baby when adjusting. The top straps are wide and gathered which cradle the wearer's shoulders, distributing baby's weight evenly. The bottom straps tie around the waist and provide additional support.

While primarily used in the front-facing position for young babies, the Didy Mei Tai is perfect for back and hip carries once baby is able to support their head fully and, in the case of back carries, to sit unassisted. 

The Didymos Meh-Dai is a wonderful option for people that like the idea of a soft structured carrier (a.k.a. back pack carrier) but do not like the clumsiness and stiffness of buckles and padding. It is not as versatile as a woven wrap but it is straight-forward and has the benefits of being fully adjustable and perfectly mouldable like a wrap. 

Fully Adjustable, One-Size Fits All

The Didymos Meh-Dai / Mei Tai (DidyTai) has a drawstring which adjusts the width/seat of the carrier, making the carrier fully adjustable for newborn babies to toddler age (around 35 lbs/16 Kg). This creates an optimal and ergonomic position for baby, and ensures that baby is being held in the spread-squat-position. This position minimises stress or pressure on developing hip joints. 

Didymos Mei Tai Features

Head Support Drawstring Size Adjustment
Head Support Drawstring Size Adjustment

The Didy Mei Tai includes a sleep hood which will suport baby's head when they fall asleep, or for added protection from the weather.

A drawstring at the seat allows the carrier to be customised to fit the size of  the baby being worn. This Didy Mei Tai will grow with your baby by adjusting the width of the seat, so will be a great fit until well into their walking stage. 

The Didy Mei Tai offers these features: 

    • Allows for anatomically correct spread-squat-positon
    • Carrying positions on front, back and hip
    • Can be used from newborn to toddler (around 35 lbs/16 Kg)
    • Fabric specially woven to have inherent diagonal stretch for supreme comfort
    • Quick and easy use
    • Lightweight and handy
    • Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton
    • Non-toxic dyes, free from any chemical finishes
    • Made in Germany
    • Machine washable
    • Long-lasting and resistant

Technical Details

Shoulder Straps
Length: appox. 200–220 cm
Width: approx. 33 cm

Hip Straps
Length: 85-90 cm
Width: 9–12 cm

Body Panel
Height: approx. 68 cm (incl. head rest)
Width: approx. 42 cm
Base: adjustable from 20 to 42 cm

All measurements are taken from new and unwashed Didy Mei Tai (DidyTai). The Didy Mei Tai dimensions will shrink 4-5 cm after the first wash.

The DidyTai can be used for a front, back and hip carry.  

It is important to note that in most circumstances, the baby should have neck and head control before being worn in the hip or back carry.

Front Carry

Hip Carry

Back Carry

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