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Presenting the DidyGo Onbuhimo - a great carrier for quick back carries with your bigger little one!

The Onbuhimo is a style of baby carrier that is worn high on the back and is designed for babies, toddlers, and children who can sit unassisted.

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Toddlers love to explore the world on their own once they can crawl or walk. But they also love and need to be worn and held close to their parents (and care-givers). The DidyGo Onbuhimo baby carrier is a great way to fill that need! The Onbuhimo, a style of baby carrier originating from Japan, is worn high on the back and is designed for babies, toddlers, and children who can sit unassisted. It looks a bit like a rucksack and it is as fast to put on and to take off - ideal for toddlers who love frequent ups and downs! Without a waist belt and worn on the back, it is also a perfect choice for a pregnant mother who can carry her child without putting pressure on the growing belly.

Made of the same high quality fabric as Didymos baby wraps, the Didy Onbuhimo supports your child‘s back perfectly and holds her/him in a healthy and safe position. Individually adjustable and easy to handle, the Didy Onbuhimo carrier allows for close, stress-free babywearing.

will be positioned in the most ergonomic spread-squat position (m-position, knees above hips, no pressure on joints or spine). 

The DidyGo Onbuhimo is perfect for quick ups and downs for the busy toddler! Can be used once baby is able to sit unassisted.  

Features at a glance:

 Suitable for caregivers of different body shapes and sizes.

 Wide, padded shoulder straps, individually adjustable.

 Back panel made from DIDYMOS high quality wrap fabrics with inherent diagonal stretch allowing the panel to conform to your child‘s shape and to create a supportive and comfortable pouch.

 Adjustable chest strap to optimize the fit of of the shoulder straps and the pouch.

 Fully adjustable seat width to conform to child‘s size.

 Padded edges to protect the back of child‘s knees.

 Adjustable head rest to provide secure hold and support for child‘s neck and head.

 Suitable for children who can sit unassisted, weighing from about 7-20 kg (15-45 lbs).

DidyGo model Zephyr featuring a colourful and handsomely woven pinwheel design - ready to welcome spring!



Release Date 2018
Fabric Composition 260 g/m²
Colours Raw White, Yellow, Red, Turquoise
Machine Washable? 30°C, Gentle Cycle. Do not tumble dry.
Fabric Blend 100% Organic Cotton
Country of Origin Germany
Sizes Available One Size
Year of Release 2018
DIDYMOS Colours Mullti-Colour Vibrancy


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