Mama Poncho by Junah (100% Pure Virgin Wool)

The Mamaponcho by Junah, Switzerland is a cosy garment that will keep you and your little one warm, whether you are carrying your baby in a front carry or a back carry. 

Made from soft, organic wool, these ponchos are great as a top layer in all weather. With a head opening for both you and your baby, the poncho can be worn with baby on front or on the back.

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The Mamaponcho is a cosy garment designed especially for mothers who love to carry their babies close during the colder months of the year. The poncho has two openings, one for the baby's head and one for the mother’s head. The Mamaponcho is made from 100% ecologically friendly, very fine (non-itchy) Virgin Wool. Baby can be comfortably carried in front or on the back while wearing the poncho. Arm cuffs are also available, to keep arms supremely warm! 

Fabric Blend Wool Blend

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