Mamalila Outdoor Babywearing Jacket

The name says it all: The Outdoor performance jacket sets the focus clearly on functionality. From hiking tours in the mountains, to Nordic walking while babywearing, to holidays by the sea to camping in the fields – we have weatherproof sporty clothing for active families.

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Mamalila Outdoor Babywearing Jacket

Fans of the great outdoors don’t want being active or getting about to be hampered by new additions to the family. Long hikes or sports such as Nordic Walking are also very suitable for expecting moms or babywearing parents. Functional clothing should not be an obstacle to this end; therefore mamalila has developed the Outdoor performance jacket, a professional babywearing jacket which meets the highest standards in the outdoor arena. It is water and wind proof, from taped seams to zips, yet absolutely breathable thanks to the SympaTex® membrane, and all of that in an environmentally friendly way which is second to none.

Thanks to the Mamalila Concept, the Outdoor Performance Jacket also functions as a maternity and babywearing jacket, but above all, it is designed as a timeless functional jacket to be worn even when not babywearing. It even comes with an extra backpack insert, which can be zipped into the back of the jacket when required, to completely protect the backpack against rain when worn under the jacket.

Functions and Features

The name says it all: The Outdoor performance jacket sets the focus clearly on functionality. From hiking tours in the mountains to Nordic Walking while babywearing, from holidays by the sea to camping in the fields – weather proof sporty clothing for active families.

Ideal combination of high-tech and ecofriendly

  • High breathability SympaTex® membrane (RET-Value ≤ 13)
  • Environmentally friendly membrane, bluesign® certified, recyclable and PTFE free
  • high2out-Function: a special sweat-absorbing fabric for optimal climate control inside the babywearing jacket
  • wind and water proof with over 20,000 mm water column
  • FC free, skin and environmentally friendly water repelling coating (Bionic Finish® Eco)

Rain protection in perfection

Taped seams, water proof zips and a SympaTex® membrane with 20,000mm water column – let it rain! Even if it is unrelenting mom and child will not get wet. An extra fold-up collar for baby offers all round protection for the child from incoming water. Babywearing clothing to an Outdoor standard.

Helpful detail: baby head support

One minute it is a baby hood, the next a headrest for sleeping babies. By fixing the hood, baby’s head is also stabilized during sleep, because when the jacket is closed and especially in the rain, the headrest of many baby carriers can no longer be used.

Environmentally friendly to go

Those who like to be outdoors also wish to preserve it for the next generation. The outdoor jacket is therefore a sign of environmental protection, with FC free coating,bluesign®certified and PTFE free membrane. On top of that the jacket, apart from the zips, is pure and can be completely recycled.

Sleek extra backpack insert

A good functional jacket will keep out gusting winds and rain. But when despite a rain cover the backpack gets soaked and the wet soaks through the jacket by means of rubbing straps, good jackets can also reach their limits. The outdoor performance jacket therefore comes equipped with a backpack insert which can easily be zipped into the back of the jacket. It creates enough space that the backpack completely fits under the jacket, remaining dry and does not chafe at the shoulders.

Distinguished by outdoor professionals

The babywearing performance jacket has already received several awards, among them the ISPO Award 2015 and the OutDoor award at the Outdoor Industry trade show 2015/2016. “I would like to have had this jacket when I was pregnant”, said one of the jurors, and in the ISPO Award statement: “A wonderful product that can be used in many ways and contains many innovative details, for a target group which is often neglected in the outdoormaket”. 

Fresh air supply

A detail, where most high quality function jackets score points, cannot be missing for this mom and child jacket – underarm zips! These can be adjusted during strenuous activity to properly ventilate the jacket.

Colours Apple Green, Bramble
Care Instructions Wash at 40° in the washing machine. NO fabric softener! To replenish the water repellent property, iron the jacket or tumble dry. Re-treat with Nikwax on occasion.
Country of Origin Croatia

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