• Didymos Fabric Blends

    The yarns used for the Didymos regular product range are manufactured exclusively for DIDYMOS. In addition, they source suitable yarns which in limited quantities that meet their high quality standards. Once the wraps and slings made out of the limited yarns are sold out, most of the limited editions will not be released again.  These yarns include fibres such as linen, hemp, silk, wool, cashmere and other luxury fibres.

    Didymos baby carriers have always been woven with yarns free of chemicals and heavy metals; safe enough for a baby to chew on. In order to maintain a rigorous and continuous quality control, no part of the production is outsourced to low-wage countries. The fibers used by Didymos are all organically sourced from countries Didymos feels can be trusted to provide ethical working conditions for their labourers.

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  • Didymos Weaves
    WEAVE Name Description of Weave Thinness/
    Airiness of Fabric
    Support* Special Notes
    Stripes Tight weave, thicker threads Medium-weight fabric Very supportive Very sturdy, easy-care wraps.
    Indio SignatureDIDYMOS weave, available in manyfibre and colourblends Medium/thicker-weight fabric Supportive(see our Fabric Blends page for more details) Soft and easy to wrap with – may be more prone to snags due to the looser weave.
    Waves Airy pattern with “waves” of varying weaves Thicker, but very airy Supportive Especially suitable for hot weather.
    Nino Fine-weave jacquard, with signature “ladies” Very thin Supportive Very soft – agreat newborn wrap.

    - Millefiori
    - Birds
    - Ellipsen
    - etc.

    Woven from fine threads in various patterns Thin-medium Supportive-VerySupportive A wide range of patterns and colours – something for everyone!
    Rhombus Two-colour weave in rhombus pattern Thin Supportive Thin, soft wraps – the rhombus pattern gives an interesting effect when wrapped.

    *Please note that ALL DIDYMOS wraps are supportive and woven in such a way as to support babies of up to three years (and beyond). However, with heavier babies and prolonged wearing, some find certain weaveto be more supportive (ie. fabric will hold its shape better).

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