DidySling Ring Sling

The DidySling ring sling is an easy-to-use baby carrier that is fully adjustable and suitable for newborns to toddler. This sling can be quickly put on, and baby can be popped in and out as needed. The DidySling is very easily adjustable so is well suited for any user. It is manufactured with the same wonderful fabric that is used for creating DIDYMOS wraps. 

  • DidySling New Releases
  • Beautiful Jacquards

    Didymos ring slings are made from organic cotton, promising a chemical-free enbrace for your little one. All DidySlings are perfectly woven to comfortably hold baby, from newborn and beyond. The fabric has an inherent diagonal stretch which allows the fabric to conform perfectly to your baby's and wearer's shape. It's hard to choose a favourite but one will do the trick! 

  • Prima & Ada

    The Prima and Ada weaves combine traditional European weaves to create these impressive combinations. These two weaves are well described as having nice grip when wearing, an airiness to them which creates cush on the shoulders and breathable thanks to the intricate woven pattern. The diagonal stretch of these beautiful wraps allows the fabric to mould perfectly to baby and wearer, making it all super comfortable! 

  • DIDYMOS Lisca

    The DIDYMOS Lisca Collection is a newer addition the DIDYMOS line of woven wraps and slings, and quickly became famous for their softness and how snuggly they were for newborns, and also bigger babies. The weave creates a lot of texture and cush, making this the perfect little nest for any baby! 

  • DIDYMOS Stripes

    DIDYMOS has been weaving their Stripes since 1972. They have stood the test of time for a reason. The broken-twill weave makes for sturdy, supportive and mouldable ring sling. 

  • About the DIDYMOS Ring...

    The high quality woven fabric that is used for DIDYMOS baby wraps is also used to make DidySlings. A ring sling may not be as versatile as a classic baby wrap, however, it is very convenient and easy to use.  

    Click here to learn more about the DIDYMOS Ring Sling.

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