Babywearing Wraps

Woven wraps are the most versatile of all baby carriers in that they are fully adjustable and can be used with many different tying variations. They are supremely comfortable and are one-size fits all stages. One carrier for your entire babywearing days! Our brand of choice is DIDYMOS, made to the highest standards through all stages of the manufacturing process. All-organic, and always beautiful!

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  • Beautiful Jacquards

    DIDYMOS has perfected the art of weaving woven wraps, using only organic cotton and other all-natural fibres. Jacquard patterns are woven into the fabric to create beautiful pieces of cloth that are designed to perfectly and comfortably support babies. 

  • Prima & ADA

    The Prima by DIDYMOS is classic weave that combines elements from traditional European weaving styles. The ADA is a new addition, similar in design yet different enough to fall into a class of its own. These weaves are available in so many colour and fabric blend combinations that it is hard to choose just one! The nature of the weave creates a woven wrap that is cushy, mouldable, and BEAUTIFUL! 

  • DIDYMOS Stripes

    DIDYMOS has been weaving their Stripes since 1972! They have stood the test of time for a reason. The broken-twill weave makes for sturdy and supportive woven wraps.  This collection offers a simple aesthetic, and becomes snuggly soft, and are still appealing many decades later!

  • DIDYMOS Double Face
  • DIDYMOS Lisca
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Babywearing Wraps

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