Mama Necklaces

Be it while babywearing for some extra flare, or while feeding your baby, or for therapeutic purposes, or simply because they look o good, we have a lovely selection of specialty necklaces. Kangaroo Care offers wooden beads that are pleasant to the touch, ELK Market Metal presents beautiful hand-crafted silver pieces, while our amber and gemstone necklaces not only look amazing but can help heal and nurture. 

  • ELK Market Mama Metal

    ELK market metal is based in the southern parts of Sweden and draws inspiration from all things forest and nature. The aim is to create durable precious metal jewellery, made especially with the babywearing customer in mind but suitable for all. With focus on recycled and environmentally sustainable materials, these pieces are ready to be worn in a variety of different ways. ELK market metal believes in creating responsibly, with respect for our planet and those who inhabit it. 

  • Kangaroo Care Nursing...

    The hand-crafted, quality-made necklaces are perfect for keeping little hands occupied. The wooden beads store the warmth of the hands and heart. They smell like the forest, are smooth to the touch and have a soothing energy. The various other beads offer different tactile elements for little hands.

  • Amber & Gemstone

    Be it for for their beauty or for their deeper qualities, our amber and gemstone necklaces are beautiful! The healing and soothing qualities of amber come through even for adults! 

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Showing 1 - 21 of 23 items
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