Wrap Accessories - Scarves, Dolllies, Scraps and More!

Scarves, dolls, sewing projects, bags...The possibilities are endless with what one can do with DIDYMOS Woven Wrap fabric. Throw in some rings and even more doors open! 

  • Rings for Slings
  • DIDY Scraps & Bags

    For the experienced and the novice sewer, DIDYMOS wrap scraps are perfect for sewing projects. For the novice sewer, one can make a very simply herbal or cherry pit pillow - so easy! From there, the possibilities are endless! Clothes, stuffed animals, quilts, bags, head scarves....

  • DIDYMOS Doll Slings

    Children of all ages will often be seen carrying around a favourite stuffed animal or doll. Instead of carrying their dolls in their arms, children will adore wrapping their toys in a miniature version of a real Didymos sling. Give the gift of wearing!  

  • DIDYMOS Neck Scarf
  • DIDYMOS Loop Scarf
  • Blankets & Playmats
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Wrap Accessories - Scarves, Dolllies, Scraps and More!

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