Wet Bags

Wet bags for cloth diapering on the go. Works well for wet items after swimming, too!

  • from CAD $12.95

    Wipe Pouch 5.5" x 9.5" Bag Your Wet Stuff!™   The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch™ features our patent pending no-leak design so your wipes will stay moist and not wick into your diaper bag.

    from CAD $12.95
  • from CAD $12.95

    Wet/Dry Clutch 11" x 7.5" Bag Your Wet Stuff!™ Whether you’re on the go with baby or out on the town, this fashionable clutch style wet/dry bag is the perfect accessory.

    from CAD $12.95
  • from CAD $39.95

    Hanging Wet/Dry Bag 16" x 26.5" Bag Your Wet Stuff!™   Another great addition to the growing PATENT PENDING Planet Wise product line! Finally a solution where one bag can carry your wet and dry items at the same time while keeping them separate. 

    from CAD $39.95
  • from CAD $25.95

    Wet/Dry Bag 12.5" x 15.5" Bag Your Wet Stuff!™   A truly innovative bag that allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag. 2 bags in 1! Keep your dry items dry and your wet items wets! Each bag contains a "wet" section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section along with a clever snap handle for easy...

    from CAD $25.95
  • from CAD $13.95

    The "Fabulous Wet Bag" ...is a versatile carrier made with waterproof, eco- friendly and non-toxic fabrics. This bag can be used as a hanging diaper pail, as a pail liner, as a regular laundry bag, or take it on the road with you to protect your clothes or food!  Small - 10 x 12 inches, Medium - 14 x 15 inches.

    from CAD $13.95
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