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Didymos baby carriers have always been woven with yarns free of chemicals and heavy metals; safe enough for a baby to chew on. In order to maintain a rigorous and continuous quality control, no part of the production is outsourced to low-wage countries. The fibers used by Didymos are all organically sourced from countries Didymos feels can be trusted to provide ethical working conditions for their labourers. These yarns include fibres such as linen, hemp, silk, wool, cashmere and other luxury fibres.


    All of the raw cotton acquired for the manufacturing of DIDYMOS wraps is sourced in Egypt, Turkey and Peru, from biologically controlled sources (no pestiicides or any artificial fertilisers used). 

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  • Hemp Blends

    DIDYMOS Hemp Blends offer wonderful support for those carrying heavier babies, and with just one wash and a bit of use, these lovely slings soften up beautifully! 

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  • Linen Blends

    The combination of linen and cotton in Didymos wraps & slings creates a perfect balance of softness, “cush”, moldability, support and strength. This combination tends to feel very solid when wrapped. It doesn’t stretch or sag and is ideal for newborns right up to preschool age.

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  • Silk Blends

    Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres, and is thus very supportive.  Similar to linen, silk wicks moisture while its low conductivity keeps warm air circulating close to the skin and acting as an insulator in cool weather. Therefore, it is an ideal fibre to wear year round! 

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  • Tussah Silk Blends

    Tussah-silk, also known as "wild silk", is made from the cocoon of the Oak Silk Moth. The wild silk worms live naturally and their silk is gathered after the moth emerges. This silk is somewhat irregular which gives it a special charm. 

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  • Wool Blends

    Wool will keep you warm even when the weather is wet. Moreover, wool blended fabrics dry much faster. This is why they are particularly recommended in cold and damp weather. On the other hand, wool helps regulate  body temperature, so helps keep everyone cool on warmer days. Wool is simply amazing!

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  • Cashmere Blends

    Cashmere blend wraps are deliciously soft and extremely elastic. They have excellent carrying qualities and are soft and tender to touch. The cotton-cashmere blended yarn combines the resistance of cotton with the softness of cashmere. Therefore, the slings are as resistant as all other DIDYMOS baby slings.  

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