• from CAD $178.00

    The classic Prima weave is back with this rich Marsala Red / Anthracite combination. Stunning! The Prima Mars does evoke images of the distant planet in the night sky! 

    from CAD $178.00
  • from CAD $26.00

    Playsilks are a versatile toy for children that encourages imaginative play. They can be used as a scarf to dance with, a belt to hold a sword, a tablecloth at a tea party, a sea for a boat to sail, a hiding place, a peek-a-boo prop, a sarong, a veil, a dolls blanket or just a silky friend to soothe your little one

    from CAD $26.00
  • CAD $18.00

    This emollient balm combines organic herbal healing oils, certified organic Shea butter, a dose of natural Vitamin E and essential oils of Rose and Tangerine to help relax both Mum & Babe. Regular use eases itchy tummy and reduces the likelihood of stretch marks. Given the high percentage of organic Calendula oil, it is also highly recommended for...

    CAD $18.00
  • from CAD $12.00

    Instant Baby fashion! This GOTS certified organic Bandana style Dribble Bib adds easy style to any outfit with our many fun prints and stripes. 

    from CAD $12.00
  • CAD $79.00

    DROP ••of that which makes us and which we make•• ••of the blood, the milk, the tears•• ••of seeing an infinite number of drops form the ocean•• ••of a frozen moment falling through open air, feeling the force of gravity••

    CAD $79.00
  • from CAD $214.00

    Pure linen and baby slings – Didymos has brought them together creating a new linen collection of appealing weaves and colours!

    from CAD $214.00
  • CAD $236.00

    The DidyTai is a baby carrier made to fit parents of all shapes and sizes. With its rectangular body part and the four straps, this baby carrier is very easy to use. Since there are no buckles, snaps or Velcro fasteners, there is nothing that can scratch, harm or wake your baby.

    CAD $236.00
  • CAD $34.95

    This totally natural necklace is a must-have for all mamas! Such a great little accessory that can help while feeding your little one. These colourful and multi-textured nursing necklaces can help keep your baby focused on the task of eating at hand. 

    CAD $34.95
  • from CAD $7.00

    Sling Rings are available in a wide range of colours in anodized aluminum. There are three sizes ensuring the perfect slip-free size for a carrier. All rings are lead and nickel-free, and individually tested for strength. 

    from CAD $7.00
  • CAD $24.00

    For the experienced and the novice sewer, DIDYMOS fabric bits are perfect for sewing projects. We have seen some amazing quilts made from these scraps.

    CAD $24.00
  • from CAD $148.00

    A classic Didymos pattern with the graduation of four colours in the weft - something absolutely new for DIDYMOS! 

    from CAD $148.00
  • from CAD $154.00

    Introducing "Borea" - a lightweight woven wrap, perfect for warm summer days. A sister wrap to the very popular and highly sought after Aurora.

    from CAD $154.00
  • from CAD $196.00

    A beautiful tri-blend of cotton with linen and hemp, the fabric features the Prima pattern in an amazing gradation of shades of blue and natural white.  Natural white cotton warp combines with alternating weft yarns: hemp in dark blue and natural white and linen in azur blue and natural white.

    from CAD $196.00
  • from CAD $184.00

    A beautiful gradation from DIDYMOS! 

    from CAD $184.00
  • from CAD $144.00

    A re-weave of the old Mystic 1975 Turquoise in a lightweight hemp blend.  The petrol coloured cotton warp combines with natural hemp and turquoise cotton  to create the  "mystic" touch of this wrap.

    from CAD $144.00
  • from CAD $204.00

    An opulent leafy design realized in a warm wool version! The new DIDYMOS Leafage is the perfect way to enjoy babywearing during the colder season.

    from CAD $204.00
  • from CAD $279.00 CAD $379.00

    The Mamalila Trenchcoat is stylish and an unbelievably versatile coat. It is suitable during pregnancy, for babywearing or can simply be worn on its own as a classic Trenchcoat. An extra insert provides the width needed for a growing belly and afterwards when carrying a baby.

    from CAD $279.00 CAD $379.00
    Reduced price!
  • from CAD $196.00 CAD $245.00 -20%

    The Mamaponcho by Junah, Switzerland is a cosy garment that will keep you and your little one warm, whether you are carrying your baby in a front carry or a back carry.  Made from soft, organic wool, these ponchos are great as a top layer in all weather. With a head opening for both you and your baby, the poncho can be worn with baby on front or on the back.

    from CAD $196.00 CAD $245.00 -20%
  • CAD $114.50 CAD $229.00 -50%
  • from CAD $100.80 CAD $126.00 -20%

    What a unique product! The BabyDos is intended to provide your baby with an extra layer of protection against the cold, wind and rain. Simply wrap the BabyDos around your baby (who is already nice and snug in your favourite baby carrier) and keep them comfy and warm.  Made with boiled organic wool!

    from CAD $100.80 CAD $126.00 -20%
  • from CAD $77.50 CAD $155.00 -50%

    from CAD $77.50 CAD $155.00 -50%
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