• from CAD $144.00

    We are so excited about this new line from DIDYMOS that will universally appeal to many with its simple yet beautiful aesthetics in a high quality fabric that has the perfect babywearing qualities for both beginners & novices to carry from newborn to preschool age and beyond in this quick and simple to use carrier!  

    from CAD $144.00
  • from CAD $98.00

    Fashionable, Comfortable, Cozy & High Quality!  Look good AND Feel good in these gorgeous wrap around sweaters!  Perfect for the Cooler weather!

    from CAD $98.00
  • from CAD $189.00

    Doubleface Jersey wrap featuring silver-grey cotton on one face and anthracite wool on the other. The woolen side is warming and cosy whereas the reverse side, the organic cotton side, is particularly soft and gentle on delicate skin.

    from CAD $189.00
  • CAD $194.00

    Woven from 100% pure, fine linen, this all-natural linen wrap features a traditional diamond pattern. This is one of the oldest weaving patterns, which is a relatively simple weave yet appreciated for its beautiful look and texture which adds a subtle "grip" to the fabric.

    CAD $194.00
  • from CAD $159.00

    One cannot deny the convenience of a ring sling. A ring sling allows a parent (or whomever) to comfortably carry baby on the side, front or back and can be used from the newborn stage to well beyond. 

    from CAD $159.00
  • from CAD $176.00

    Perfect for Spring! This gorgeous floral patterned woven wrap by DIDYMOS is a light and airy linen edition. Just what we have been waiting for this season!

    from CAD $176.00
  • from CAD $169.00

    Supportive, versatile, all-organic and GORGEOUS!! We are pleased to introduce the Prima Moonset by DIDYMOS!! Which size is best? 

    from CAD $169.00
  • from CAD $139.00

    A new product from Angel Wings that is simply amazing and versatile!  A thin and soft sweatshirt that can be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe, maternity and babywearing on both the front and back!

    from CAD $139.00
  • from CAD $279.00 CAD $379.00

    The Mamalila Trenchcoat is stylish and an unbelievably versatile coat. It is suitable during pregnancy, for babywearing or can simply be worn on its own as a classic Trenchcoat. An extra insert provides the width needed for a growing belly and afterwards when carrying a baby.

    from CAD $279.00 CAD $379.00
    Reduced price!
  • from CAD $205.50 CAD $274.00 -25%

    The DIDYMOS is made of 100% soft, boiled wool. This cozy vest will keep both you and your child warm when it’s cold out. For all seasons! Available in sizes S (36 EU, 4 US/CA), M (38 EU, 6 US/CA), L (40 EU, 8 US/CA) and XL (42 EU, 10 US/CA)

    from CAD $205.50 CAD $274.00 -25%
  • from CAD $196.00 CAD $245.00 -20%

    The Mamaponcho by Junah, Switzerland is a cosy garment that will keep you and your little one warm, whether you are carrying your baby in a front carry or a back carry.  Made from soft, organic wool, these ponchos are great as a top layer in all weather. With a head opening for both you and your baby, the poncho can be worn with baby on front or on the back.

    from CAD $196.00 CAD $245.00 -20%
  • from CAD $152.40 CAD $254.00 -40%

    Cozy and warm, a pure cotton wrap that will accompany you and your baby through the cold season.

    from CAD $152.40 CAD $254.00 -40%
    Reduced price!
  • from CAD $77.50 CAD $155.00 -50%

    from CAD $77.50 CAD $155.00 -50%
  • from CAD $74.00 CAD $194.00

    We are very excited about this new release today! It is in perfect timing with all the love and enthusiasm that was shown yesterday for the Anniversary Pfau!

    from CAD $74.00 CAD $194.00

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