• CAD $79.00

    DROP ••of that which makes us and which we make•• ••of the blood, the milk, the tears•• ••of seeing an infinite number of drops form the ocean•• ••of a frozen moment falling through open air, feeling the force of gravity••

    CAD $79.00
  • CAD $328.00

    Presenting the long-awaited DidyKlick, a half-buckle carrier. With one KLICK, the padded waist band is secured. Baby is comfortably supported by the soft panel, the wide straps are put in place and tied, and away you go! Baby is perfectly nestled in this new soft-structured carrier by DIDYMOS.

    CAD $328.00
  • CAD $79.00

    SPHERE ••of the star collapsed into a singularity•• ••of the planets - and the atomic nucleus•• ••of The Planets by Gustav Holst, and the Harmony of the spheres•• ••of the very large and the very, very small coming together without beginning or end••

    CAD $79.00
  • from CAD $32.00

    Playsilks are a versatile toy for children that encourages imaginative play. They can be used as a scarf to dance with, a belt to hold a sword, a tablecloth at a tea party, a sea for a boat to sail, a hiding place, a peek-a-boo prop, a sarong, a veil, a dolls blanket or just a silky friend to soothe your little one

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  • from CAD $144.00

    We are so excited about this new line from DIDYMOS that will universally appeal to many with its simple yet beautiful aesthetics in a high quality fabric that has the perfect babywearing qualities for both beginners & novices to carry from newborn to preschool age and beyond in this quick and simple to use carrier!   

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  • CAD $18.00

    This emollient balm combines organic herbal healing oils, certified organic Shea butter, a dose of natural Vitamin E and essential oils of Rose and Tangerine to help relax both Mum & Babe. Regular use eases itchy tummy and reduces the likelihood of stretch marks. Given the high percentage of organic Calendula oil, it is also highly recommended for...

    CAD $18.00
  • CAD $79.00

    MOUNTAIN ••of the eras, erosion, eruption•• ••of being still and completely steadfast•• ••of hiding treasures, of housing unseen lakes•• ••of the unchanging horizon and the endurance of everything••

    CAD $79.00
  • from CAD $169.00

    Supportive, versatile, all-organic and GORGEOUS!! We are pleased to introduce the Prima Moonset by DIDYMOS!! Which size is best? 

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