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    Introducing "Indio Borea" - a lightweight Indio, perfect for warm summer days. A sister wrap to the very popular and highly sought after Indio Aurora.

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    Colours Lisca Azzurro, Lisca Burgund, Lisca Grigio, Lisca Karibik, Lisca Minos, Lisca Pastell, Lisca Smeraldo Fabric Blend 100% Organic Cotton Fabric Weight Class 190 g/m² - 250 g/m²

    from CAD$137.00
  • from CAD$7.50
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    These solid aluminum rings feature unique no-weld construction, and are the perfect way to turn your DIDYMOS shortie into a ring sling.  These rings are made from aluminum and are lead free which makes them safe for baby.

    from CAD$7.50
  • from CAD$154.00

    The new DIDYMOS Shades of Pink is a lightweight Indio featuring a fabulous colour gradation. A natural white cotton warp combines with alternating cotton yarns in red and pink.

    from CAD$154.00
  • from CAD$226.00

     A beautiful tri-blend of cotton with linen and hemp, the fabric features the Indio pattern in an amazing gradation of shades of blue and natural white.  Natural white cotton warp combines with alternating weft yarns: hemp in dark blue and natural white and linen in azur blue and natural white.

    from CAD$226.00
  • from CAD$127.00
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    The DIDYMOS Indio is a unique pattern that may have up to three colours woven together. The nature of the DIDYMOS Indio weave creates a textured, plush fabric and is offered in various fibre blends.

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  • from CAD$154.00

    DidySlings allow the wearer to pre-wear the sling over their clothes and pop baby in and out quickly when needed. DidySlings offer a quick baby-wearing alternative for parents who are on-the-go. 

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  • from CAD$114.00
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     A classic Indio pattern with the graduation of four colours in the weft - something absolutely new for DIDYMOS! 

    from CAD$114.00
  • from CAD$228.00

    Beautiful and Blue!  There is no denying the brilliance of this new wrap. NEW DIDYMOS India Azur features the classic DIDYMOS Elephant pattern, woven in a blend of cotton and luxurious tussah silk. 

    from CAD$228.00
  • from CAD$146.00

    Woven in threads of Japanese Red and Dark Blue! 

    from CAD$146.00
  • from CAD$172.00

    Highly sought after, the new Pfau Sea Green is a linen blend fabric featuring the legendary Didymos Peacock pattern. Made for the Babywearing Conference in Atlanta first, now being offered to our customers here at Birdie's Room.

    from CAD$172.00
  • from CAD$189.00

    Woven in 100% Organic cotton, this is a Double Face weave showing a different colour on each face - emerald green on one and brilliant turquoise on the other. Featuring an unpatterned, sober design in lovely fresh shades, this wrap will match your spring and summer wardrobe. 

    from CAD$189.00
  • from CAD$194.00

    Moin Moin - This is how they say Hello! to you in Germany's Northern parts. Designed for a babywearing group by Anke Pawel. Woven in 100% organic cotton.

    from CAD$194.00
  • from CAD$156.00

    DIDYMOS Shamrocks 2016 is woven in vibrant "Jelly Bean Green" and "Lime Green" and is a blend of 50% Organic Cotton and 50% organic hemp with a weight of 270 g/m².  

    from CAD$156.00
  • from CAD$139.00

    A new Lavanda design based on the Indio pattern using two different weft yarns to create this unusual, onion-like pattern. 

    from CAD$139.00
  • from CAD$164.00

    DIDYMOS Indio Rosmarin is woven in 100% organic cotton with a weight of 180 g/m². After the first wash this wrap has an approx width of 80cm which is ideal for accomodating bigger babies as well as toddlers.  

    from CAD$164.00
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