• from CAD $29.00

    Maternity Inserts available for Softshell, Fleece Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Coats! Select the type of outerwear you have and let us know which colour and size!  Each order is on a request basis as only limited maternity inserts are manufactured.  We will contact Angel Wings and let you know right away!

    from CAD $29.00
  • from CAD $144.00

    We are so excited about this new line from DIDYMOS that will universally appeal to many with its simple yet beautiful aesthetics in a high quality fabric that has the perfect babywearing qualities for both beginners & novices to carry from newborn to preschool age and beyond in this quick and simple to use carrier!   

    from CAD $144.00
  • CAD $194.00

    Woven from 100% pure, fine linen, this all-natural linen wrap features a traditional diamond pattern. This is one of the oldest weaving patterns, which is a relatively simple weave yet appreciated for its beautiful look and texture which adds a subtle "grip" to the fabric.

    CAD $194.00
  • CAD $254.00

    Mosaic Sparks in the Dark is also a highlight when it comes to quality and reliability. The fabric is lightweight, soft and a bit cushy. With its optimal diagonal stretch, it will conform to all shapes and sizes creating a perfect fit each time. Made from 100% organic cotton.  

    CAD $254.00
  • from CAD $208.00

    Jacquard weaving allows for many colour and material combinations. With the Prima Maple Glow, the pattern captures the glowing colours of Japanese maple leaves in fall by weaving yellow, pink, scarlet red and viola into a lampone red (raspberry) cotton warp.

    from CAD $208.00
  • CAD $64.00

    Such a clever design! This all-in-one stacking wooden dollhouse contains all the basics to set up house for little dolls! Solid wood, sturdy construction, colour-dipped finish that lasts. 

    CAD $64.00
  • from CAD $198.00

    LEO in pink and gold - YES! This beautiful Jacquard fabric is woven in such a lovely way to show off the pattern!

    from CAD $198.00
  • from CAD $286.00

    A tri-blend Silva re-appears! This time with hemp and linen. An emerald green warp combines with raw white hemp, white linen and silver-grey organic cotton. The pattern is the same on both sides yet with the green-white combination reversed.

    from CAD $286.00
  • from CAD $7.00

    Sling Rings are available in a wide range of colours in anodized aluminum. There are three sizes ensuring the perfect slip-free size for a carrier. All rings are lead and nickel-free, and individually tested for strength. 

    from CAD $7.00
  • CAD $24.00

    For the experienced and the novice sewer, DIDYMOS fabric bits are perfect for sewing projects. We have seen some amazing quilts made from these scraps.

    CAD $24.00
  • from CAD $148.00

    A classic Didymos pattern with the graduation of four colours in the weft - something absolutely new for DIDYMOS! 

    from CAD $148.00
  • from CAD $196.00

    A beautiful tri-blend of cotton with linen and hemp, the fabric features the Prima pattern in an amazing gradation of shades of blue and natural white.  Natural white cotton warp combines with alternating weft yarns: hemp in dark blue and natural white and linen in azur blue and natural white.

    from CAD $196.00
  • from CAD $184.00

    A beautiful gradation from DIDYMOS! 

    from CAD $184.00
  • from CAD $144.00

    A re-weave of the old Mystic 1975 Turquoise in a lightweight hemp blend.  The petrol coloured cotton warp combines with natural hemp and turquoise cotton  to create the  "mystic" touch of this wrap.

    from CAD $144.00
  • from CAD $189.00

    An opulent leafy design realized in a warm wool version! The new DIDYMOS Leafage is the perfect way to enjoy babywearing during the colder season.

    from CAD $189.00
  • from CAD $24.00

    The softest baby alpaca is used to make these super-cosy wrist and leg warmers. Two sizes to choose from. 15 cm - work as baby wrist cuffs or baby leg warmers 30 cm - work as baby leg warmers that can be cuffed, go over the knee, or as mama wrist cuffs.

    from CAD $24.00
  • from CAD $205.50 CAD $274.00 -25%

    The DIDYMOS is made of 100% soft, boiled wool. This cozy vest will keep both you and your child warm when it’s cold out. For all seasons! Available in sizes S (36 EU, 4 US/CA), M (38 EU, 6 US/CA), L (40 EU, 8 US/CA) and XL (42 EU, 10 US/CA)

    from CAD $205.50 CAD $274.00 -25%
  • from CAD $196.00 CAD $245.00 -20%

    The Mamaponcho by Junah, Switzerland is a cosy garment that will keep you and your little one warm, whether you are carrying your baby in a front carry or a back carry.  Made from soft, organic wool, these ponchos are great as a top layer in all weather. With a head opening for both you and your baby, the poncho can be worn with baby on front or on the back.

    from CAD $196.00 CAD $245.00 -20%
  • from CAD $152.40 CAD $254.00 -40%

    Cozy and warm, a pure cotton wrap that will accompany you and your baby through the cold season.

    from CAD $152.40 CAD $254.00 -40%
    Reduced price!
  • from CAD $77.50 CAD $155.00 -50%

    from CAD $77.50 CAD $155.00 -50%

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